Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Exporting Global Address List from MS Exchange

As we are using MS Exchange at work, I wanted to get the list of all contacts to my laptop/pda. I've figured out that if I have a read access to the Exchange server, I should be able to get the list of contacts and do something with them, preferrably convert to abook / mutt.
Full of hopes, I started googling for some Windows tools for querying Exchange server but apparently, it's not that easy. It may have something to do with the fact that Exchange uses some not open protocol. I've found some tools for some address conversion but most of them were supposed either to be used by Exchange admin or/and they cost money.

So, the solution I've chosen was most quick'n'dirty and simple as it gets: exporting address book to comma separated values formatted file. To get it into abook / mutt / pda I need to write some conversion program but it shouldn't be that hard. As exporting GAL is not possible, I saved my old Contacts folder, copied the GAL to the Contacts and exported it from there (when I write it, it dawns on me how Q'n'D 'solution' it is!!).

I wanted to have 2 separate addressbooks, with private and working addresses. The question was how to convince Mutt to use both of them. The solution was very easy: in .muttrc I had to call abook twice:

set query_command='abook --mutt-query %s;abook --datafile=/my/work/addressbook --mutt-query %s


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