Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Rockin' with KiSS DP-1500

As my KiSS DP-1500 networked DivX/MP3/Ogg player finally arrived, I tried to set it up. After doing some reading I decided to follow the advice and use regular cable in plase of wireless, as DP-1500 supports 802.11b standard only (11 MBit/s may be ok for audio but when it comes to our house movies, this would simply not suffice).

The physical setup itself wasn't that hard, I had some problems with software, though. PC-Link 1.30 that was shipped with the player looks really lame, so I decided to use EZ Link NG, freeware version of it (note: I did have some problems with getting regular EZ link to work (the player couldn't recoginze it on the network; no such problems with NG version).

So, now we have it all - may we have enough time to use it properly!!!


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