Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Boing Boing: Blind woman who sees with sound

I've fount this interesting write-up: Boing Boing: Blind woman who sees with sound. Whole technology looks reaaly c00l: seeing by... hearing. Apart from the fact that this can be of a great help to blind people in the world, it is amazing for me, how this can work. The assumption, that the part of the brain responsible for seeing is not damaged and needs only to be stimulated - if not visually, then in some other way - makes me wonder: maybe it would be possible to do the similar thing with other senses: feeling by seeing? or by hearing? smelling by seeing? etc. etc. The number of combinations is plenty.

I wouldn't like to start a philosophical discussion here, but does it mean that our soul is just - a bunch of electrical impulses?


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