Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Switch to Ubuntu

OK, new is better so I've decided to drop Debian in favor of Ubuntu (which is not much of a drop as U derives directly from D). Other reason was that I've installed X.org x-window packages from Ubuntu (at time of this writing, Debian does not support them), and my repositories started to mix so the clean up would be good).

Looking at Ubuntu's support page, the results of switch from D to U varied; it wasn't always 100% successful event but I've decided to give it a go anyways. The whole process was quite simple. I've followed the documentation on Ubuntu's support page. The only strange thing that happened was kernel panic when I rebooted for the first time into Ubuntu; the culprit was HSF softmodem modules (after removing the package I was able to work all right).

I've had some problems with making X window work but it turned out to be font problem, after re-installation working was possible again.

Right now the screen looks better, thanks to gnome-settings-daemon running in the background. I don't want to have the full-blown gnome, as it is resource-hungry and comes with all this stuff I'll never use. Settings daemon makes sure that selected fonts are loaded at startup.

In general, I don't see too much improvement over Debian. Users were claiming that Ubuntu has the shorter release span (which should translate into more "cuttinng-edgeness", resulting in newer versions of packages being released) but so far, I've seen that I had to downgrade the packages from D to U more often than getting aby upgrades). All applications are working ok, I've had some problems with the sound though, as Ubuntu seems to use dynamic /dev filesystem and the devices are created when there's memory driver available for it). I didn't succeed to get sound recording working reliably with Skype client but it seems to be similar to something I've experienced earlier when the volume on a channel was turned down.

So, that's it. I hope that it will be working better now.


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