Friday, May 06, 2005

KiSS Technologies DP-1500 -- updated

Well, after some time spent with KiSS player, I may draw some conclussions:
  • I have no problems with playing music, both from MP3s and WebRadio. Pity that there is no indexing/quick search feature but this may not be 100% true (it may depend on PC-Link software that is used. Right now I'm using EzLink free version, it may be somewhere in PRO which I plan to buy soon),
  • playing movies is a lottery - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Occassional hangs are very annoying, especially when there is no on/off switch anywhere (I suspect the Kiss engineers were very confident that user will not have to use it at all...). It is worth to note, though, that dolby digital encoded audio is working great (sounds just like on DVD).
I'm planning to upgrade the firmware to 2.9.1 and see if it helped. I have a non-official KiSS version of it from this website (I'm going to try it, even if it says it's prepared for DP-1000).

DVDs are played mostly without problems (recently I had some problems with Bergman's "The Seventh Seal", title menu didn't display properly after the disc was inserted, but pressing STOP and PLAY again helped).

Player is locked in region 2, I'll try to do something about that. Reading KiSS forum and Mpeg-Playcenter shows that you need to know the type of the drive used in the player. As I have a separate DVD player that's region-free, this can wait.

Just to report that upgrading the firmware went all right and the player apparently runs better. I can now access KML sites on the internet! (it's painfully slow but it works).


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