Sunday, April 10, 2005 X server running on my laptop

Lured by cool-looking screenshots and promises that "fonts look much better", I switched to (in place of xfree86) version of X window system on my laptop. Some points:
  • in order to spare myself the boring compilation/packaging of debian packages (that are non-existent at the moment), I decided to use Ubuntu version of them. Later on, by mistake, I've upgraded all my packages to ubuntu (apt-get -t hoar upgrade), but system is stable, so we'll see how it works,
  • the main reason for this change, transparency is not working properly with DRI - Composite extension loads and DRI cannot (the order in /etc/xorg.conf file does not matter). I've found some postings on freedesktop mailing list discussing this problem, stating that is should be possible to have them both. This needs investigation.
I'm very thrilled by all this. Maybe the new X server will work with suspend to ram/disk better than old version? this needs to be checked as well.


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