Wednesday, September 07, 2005

lufs package and Debian

Following is the log of how I managed to install LUFS on Debian:

First of all, I've tried installing lufs packages provided with Debian by 'dpkg -i lufs-source lufs-utils' but it did not work - lufs-source package seems incomplete. So, I went to the LUFS website and downloaded the whole source (version 0.9.7).

The whole compilation went OK with small detail: when linking the module `lufs.ko', compiler complained about missing `kill_proc_info()' call, even though it was present in current kernel.

I like shortcuts so I've just commented out the call to this function. It works right now, I'm going to change it when I'll figure out how to compile modules (I'm obvoiusly not a Linux kernel developer :-).


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